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The Greenlight Project Honors A Legacy of Inspiration Special Mother’s Day Edition

Join us live on Friday, May 7th as The Greenlight Project talks with retired teacher, historian wise counselor and inspirational author, Mary Anna Neal Bradley of Charlotte, North Carolina.   In her former career, Mrs. Bradley taught 35 years in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County school district (North Carolina). She spent 2 years in regular education and 33 years in special education and has a wealth of experience in dealing with educational challenges today’s youth face.

She’s an expert social counselor and understands the complex and fragile state of today’s delicate families. In her experience she has been taught and has proven that love really does cover a multitude of sins. She’s discovered compassion is the best medicine for almost all human situations and that with the proper dose of discipline, love and wisdom there is hope for anyone, man, woman and child. She lives in her native home of Charlotte, North Carolina busy working on her second title. She’s an avid reader and ardent writer and dabbles in writing mini-biographical sketches with her business partner at InSight Creations.

Mrs. Bradley has always had a gift with words and has a natural talent to encourage and inspire those around her. After retirement, she organized her collection of poetry, prose and prayers into book form, hence her debut title, “A Legacy of Inspiration”. It was during moments of personal pains, joys and triumphs shared in confidence with her from those closest to her that she penned this timeless collection.

Mrs. Bradley was an activist in the Civil Right’s Movement, namely, the infamous lunch countersit-in that started in Greensboro, North Carolina and spread to Charlotte at Johnson C. Smith University, which was led by Charles Jones. She’s married 41 years to husband Rich, has two sons and four grandchildren.