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For Once Bigger is Better

Most mornings I start with a quiet prayer for myself, my day and my family. Then depending how early it is, I get up from bed and head down to my home office to get my work day started. That’s usually followed by daily inspirational moments with Steve Harvey of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show and Frank Ski, a local Atlanta morning drive personality on V-103. And, if I’m really in need to stay focused on the positive, I tune into the Yolanda Adams morning show. The encouragement and uplifting messages shared in these morning inspirations allow me to reflect on what’s happening in my life – good or bad. When my thinking is focused on the challenges in my life, I can get comfort in knowing that I am covered and “this too shall pass. And, when I think about the great things happening, I take time to give thanks and honor the source from which the blessings flow. So, I am grateful to all of the people mentioned and those I have not, who help feed my spiritual connection throughout my day.

Well another radio personality, Morris in the Morning on WCLK’s 91.9 FM touched me this week, when he ended his show, as he does most mornings, giving mention to the fact that his show is never about him because it’s so much bigger than him. And that sentiment stuck with me.

Later on that day or the following, I was checking my facebook page, as I do a few times a day, to find notification of a message. Well this wasn’t the usual message from someone new or old finding me on facebook; or a request or notice of an event; or a request to do something from my ND family, my Kennedy Cougar family or my real family for which I am leading some event for. This message was different. It said,

We knew each other briefly at ND but all I can remember is what a “presence” you were then… I wish you all the best with your company and you have my full support. (I think women should tell each other that every now and then.)

This message from a woman I barely know truly touched me because it reminded me again that my life work and who I am so much BIGGER than me. And I say thanks to my inspiration for allowing me to touch people. I do not take the blessing or responsibility lightly! And for once, I celebrate my BIGGER and not stress over the other issues I have with being bigger!

Who reminds you that it’s BIGGER than you?

Leaving a Legacy Worth Passing On

By: Tamika L. Morrison

This has been a tough week for me – a mix of high’s and lows. My grandmother passed away a week ago and although it wasn’t shocking as she’d been sickly for a while.  It’s just never easy to receive the news that a loved one has passed on, especially a grandmother. It was jolting to realize at that very moment, the torch my grandmother courageously carried, had been officially passed on to the next generation.

I was leaving a prestigious birthday celebration when I got the news.  TWS was onboard to help a partner agency handle media check-ins for Thomas W. Dortch, Jr., chairman emeritus of the board of 100 Black Men of America, a man who’d lived his life leading the way for others.  The event itself was inspiring and it made me quite proud to see Black people arrive in style with their heads held high, their accomplishments easy to see not only by name recognition, but also by the way they moved and mingled in the crowd with such poise and grace.  They were stepping high and proud but they also showed off humbleness through warm smiles and handshakes.  It was a complete honor to meet such dignitaries as Susan Taylor of National CARES Mentoring (Essence Magazine), Roland Martin, Emmanuel Lewis, Andrew Young and his wife, Frank Ski and his wife Tanya, April Woodard, Dawn Lewis and to work alongside those who ‘know’ folks like Jeff Johnson, Mike Phillips, Xernona Clayton and Fmr. Pres. Bill Clinton.  As I observed and embraced this moment that was mine, I had to wonder what had I gotten ‘right’ that put me in this place at this time?  And then I began to contemplate the careful planning these great people must have done in order to do and be these things.  Then I began to ponder what could be the driving factor behind their ambition when this word ‘legacy’ seemed to permanently imprint itself in my mind.

To observe this ‘highfalutin’ crowd, it’s easy to see the legacy being built for all of these named folks as well as all the ‘unnamed’ folks.  You see, for me to be placed in the very center of ‘all that glory’ meant that my own glory was evident too and that I am doing something worth being repeated and recalled in my own family. Legacy is a word that has been in my family – on both sides – for several years now.  My great cousin, Mary Anna Neal Bradley, a wise counselor, retired teacher and now author, penned her first book, “A Legacy of Inspiration” nearly two years after her retirement from the school system in which she gave over 30 years of service to.  She chose me – all wet behind the ears and eager to put my latent talents to test, as her publicist to get her book published and marketed.  It was thrilling and scary at the same time, but from taking on that first challenge and absorbing every iota of her book project, not fully realizing the divine nature of it all, I launched my public relations firm shortly afterwards that has now morphed into a wonderful partnership in TWS.  Even if I couldn’t quite understand or articulate what that experience meant – the influence and the irony of that moment shaped my heart and mind for legacy building.

It’s important to note when a person moves forward with legacy in mind, miracles happen.  So as I gathered with my family this past weekend to say our final goodbyes to this strong and magnificent woman who influenced us in one way or the other and looked around in awe of the beauty, strength, boldness, flair, style, Grace (her name), proud-ness filled my heart, as I inhaled my grandparents and their legacy.  It was simply miraculous to me to realize that two people made a decision to partner in marriage and from their union 29 grand children and 25 great grand children were conceived – WOW! We all are these different expressions of my grandparents in all their glory.  We have a right and the responsibility to carry out, in grandeur style, the legacy that has already been laid forth.  The entrepreneurs, the artists, the chefs, the storytellers, the fashion icons, the business professionals – we all have such great talent and so much to give to our communities and the global world around us.  My hope is that we embrace the fullness of what this word legacy means – no matter what color we are – and continue building upon it and proudly pass on a worthy legacy to the next generations.

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