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The Greenlight Project Discusses Literature from an Urban Perspective

Posted by: Portia Rice
“A life lived not in response to the doubts or fears or desires of others, but in pursuit of passions, hopes and dreams that are your very own.”

This quote hails from the mouth and hands of our next guest on The Greenlight Project, Whitney Teal.  You may have seen this name before in works such as: Essence magazine, Business Week, Heart & Soul and Sister 2 Sister.

In addition to these, she has been a featured writer for Clutch and Black Voices.  Ms. Whitney Teal founded her own book blog in 2008 for women titled, UptownLiterati.com, a site dedicated to sharing literature, culture, and creativity to all of her readers.

I can not wait to hear what she has to say on our show Friday, June 25, 2010 at 11 am EST.  So make sure to tune in to The Greenlight Project to hear, editor/writer, Ms. Whitney Teal.

SXSW in Living Color

SXSW 2010

Tamika, my partner gave an introduction to SXSW in her blogpost yesterday to catch up those, like herself, who were in her words “clueless to the brilliance” of the annual Austin conference that connects, technology, film, and music.

I am continuing the SXSW conversation today bringing you a round-up of diverse people and happenings that took place last weekend. This also helps me feel like I was there. I have known about the conference for a year now. And, I commit to make it in person, maybe next year. But, in the meantime thanks for all those that have allowed me to live vicariously through ustream, video, audio and  blogposts.

Black Blogging Rock Stars and Adria Richards
Thanks Adria Richards of But You’re A Girl for you panel review of the Black Blogging Rock Stars and a bit about your panel on Sci-Fi and Tech’s similarities
Black in Tech Meetup
I was able to experience this lively discussion which included a Kanye moment as described by James Andrews’ blogpost.
Latinos in Tech Meetup
Inspired by Blacks in Tech, Latinos in Tech decided they would host their own event. See the pics.
Baratunde Thurston Tells Us How to be Black
And the ever Informing and Entertaining Baratunde Thurston grabs the SXSW audience according to Venture Beat.
Hopefully, I’ll be there next year standing next to these thought leaders reminding these influential new media leaders of their power to connect our buying power with image power on the big screen, small screen, computer screen and everything in between