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The best way to learn about TWS, The UnAgency is to know the women who started the company.


Rochelle Valsaint
Chief Executive Officer

From a girl growing up in New Orleans to the woman I am today, I have always known that community and connection inspire passion in my life and my work. And, that’s why the foundation of TWS The UnAgency is rooted in both of these concepts. It’s the best business model that allows me to bring all of me to the table as well as invite other talented women and men of diverse backgrounds to bring all of them to the table to shape the depth and breadth of culture, image and message that’s reflected through marketing, communications and media.

What got me where I am today, began long before I knew what my career goals were. It’s the chapters of my story that informs what I know of any story. From the Saturday communal carport gatherings around crawfish and bar-b-q of my hometown to the dining hall and Huddle gatherings at the University of Notre Dame, these experiences solidified the value of all of me. Even the prequel to my Notre Dame story, defies conventional wisdom. My high school white, male English teacher predicted that I would never be accepted to Notre Dame from an all-black, public high school in the deep south with so many odds against me. Well, what conventional wisdom and my English teacher didn’t know about me is that I am the exception, and not the rule. And my light shines through in any and everything of which I am a part. Well, we all know it now.

That same ‘something different’ about me brought me to the advertising industry. As a young black woman at Notre Dame in the early 90’s, I definitely loved watching BET. I had a need to be connected to the cultural identity that I certainly missed the music, the visuals of people that looked like me – being one of few ethnically diverse people at ND. But, I also wanted to see more of a variety in the different representations of black life in the programming and the commercials between my beloved early 90’s video shows. I wanted to see more of the shows I identified with and aspired to, like ‘The Cosby Show’ and ‘Different World.’ Not that my parents were upper-middle class; but that education, pride in culture and striving toward accomplishment were important values where I come from and were valuable wherever I took them.

I learned that the name of that career field was advertising. And, I set out on my career path to make a change. Since then, I have brought the beauty of my difference to everything I’ve touched from my paid work on national brands and start-ups as well as my service work for one of the biggest and oldest global brands, my alma mater, Notre Dame.

I’ve worked with some amazing people and developed some amazing work. Those great people include Jim Pollak, Bruce Levitt and Al Chaiet – the J. Walter Thompson alums and entrepreneur partners that owned the first agency I worked at. Jan Freund, the woman who hired me for that first Account Coordinator position and rehired me more than 10 years later. I have also worked in-culture with people like Tanya Walker and cross-culturally with people like Michael Wong, Liz Hernandez and Kateri Kerwin to develop and market programs for the diverse alumni base of Notre Dame.

In my career, I’ve seen ups (creating my first entrepreneurial venture as a marketing consultant) and downs (being hired and fired within a two month period because the agency didn’t get the account they anticipated). And unfortunately, as I come up on 15 years in the advertising and marketing industries, working with a diverse team has been few and far between. I also know there is much more work that would benefit from the diversity of background and experiences that any number of people I know would bring to the table. But, the current state of the industry makes it harder for a diverse team to get to those opportunities.

Well, if you know me, you know that I am not one to sit around and complain for too long. If the opportunity is not there, I look to create it. And, that’s what TWS The UnAgency is – the opportunity created. I want to bring the beauty of difference – culturally, ethnically, categorically and experientially – to the table where company brands are developed, images and messages are created and media is chosen to touch communities all over this country and resonate over the world.

Let’s go!


Tamika Morrison
Chief Operating Officer
Director of PR & Communications

As Chief Operating Officer and Director of PR and Communications at Atlanta-based TWS Marketing Communications and Media, Tamika Morrison brings an array of experience and proven leadership with over 10 years of experience in public relations and communications.  As CEO and Founder of The Write Stylz Public Relations Firm for over four years, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Tamika understands the value of developing relationships with clients built on trust and delivering solid, hardcore results.  With such achievable outcomes, The Write Stylz served over 100 small businesses and entrepreneurs under her leadership.

A talented, results-producing public relations professional with a proven track record of accomplishment in planning and leading comprehensive PR strategies in support of business goals and objectives, Ms. Morrison steers the creation of branding concepts using relationships and resources including turnkey PR strategies and tools that guide the execution of PR/Communications programs.  She has secured over 500 media placements for clients in media such as The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Washington PostThe Oprah Winfrey ShowThe Tyra Banks Show, Dr. PhilCNNGood Morning America, Glamour Magazine, First for Women MagazineFox Network,The Washington Times, NY Daily News, The San Francisco Examiner, and Parents, among others.

A humanitarian at her core, Ms. Morrison has served on many boards and currently sits on the board of The Ken Ford Foundation as Director of PR and Communications, Atlanta Technical College, Dental Hygiene Advisory Board and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Team In Training (2010 Volunteer). A sought-after speaker and thought leader within her field, providing advice to peers as well as entertainers and musicians, Ms. Morrison was a key panelist for the 5th Annual Soul Music Summit in Atlanta in August, 2010, where she spoke on the innovation of using digital and new media for 360 branded entertainment.

Ms. Morrison is also a published writer since 2006 and has written for glossy magazines, e-zines and local newspapers.  She currently provides content for The Associated Content and Demand Studios Media, lending her voice to articles on eHow.com, Livestrong.com and others.  As an extension of her role within TWS Marketing, she serves as executive producer of new media projects under TWS Media and lends her personality as co-host on The Greenlight Project, a news and entertainment program on Blog Talk Radio.

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