Another Bad Spin for PR

By: Tamika L. Morrison

So, Ryan Seacrest and his partner in crime, Kim Kardashian are at it again and has brought back from the dead the embarrassing and wrong example of what PR is about through the foolery known as The Spin Crowd. My hope is that people make a well-informed decision about what PR truly is before pegging us PR folk all the same.

When I first came to Atlanta nearly four years ago, expanding my PR agency from Charlotte, the one thing that was quite evident for me, was everyone and anyone was calling themselves a PR professional. From event planners to party promoters, models, wanna be movie stars, groupies and even pimps. I was horrified!  Every meeting I went on, I felt it necessary to bring out Webster’s Dictionary and talk about what PR was really about.

It was embarrassing, confusing and downright absurd that many people who consulted with me was consulting, not to really bring PR into their business equation, but to get some clarity around what the heck PR was truly all about.  Talk about exhausting and mind-boggling.  And to think, that was nearly four years ago and the foolywang continues through the form of ‘someone’ with a ‘title’ and a little bit of leverage and in the name of ‘entertainment’ my profession is at stake once again. But…you gotta love this disclaimer as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, “Jonathan and Simon are passionate and funny and they have an unorthodox approach to their business that our viewers really responded to when we aired the special earlier this year,” said Berger. “This unique duo (will) work with A-list celebrities, designers and formidable clients while managing to keep their young and sometimes inexperienced staff from spinning out of control.” In case you missed it, check out the word “will” in parenthesis.  Notice that equals, “staged”.

My advice to those of you with hopes of starting a career in public relations (PR), communications, broadcasting, marketing, media, etc. – don’t take the advice of TV because it’s just entertainment.  It really isn’t all about what YOU look like because in reality, your job is more behind the scenes.  It’s not all glamorous; it’s not all celebrities and red carpets.  There are writing skills, negotiating and strategic thinking skills that are needed.  Time management, the ability to research – thoroughly and clearly communicate with confidence and not just “Hey, dude, I think you’d be great for this product! Let’s have a drink!”  Keep in mind; what you’re seeing on TV has no real substance!  While who you know is important, your reputation for getting solid results is your staying power.  And while we’re on it, a good internship is priceless and we’re always looking for a few good men and women willing to roll their sleeves up and get some experience under their belts!

There’s nothing wrong with amusing yourself with foolery and foolywang, just understand the difference.

Until next time,


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