The Greenlight Project Talks Pepsi and Cupcakes With Nichelle Stephens. Wait…What?

by Rochelle Valsaint

What do Mary J. Blige, Dr. Robin L. Smith, Taraji P. Henson, cupcakes and personal finance all have in common? The are all a part of the daily work of blogger, cupcake enthusiast, editor, event organizer and social media strategist Nichelle Stephens.

As the editor of the NAACP Image Award winning Pepsi We Inspire, a branded lifestyle blog and community for African American women. Nichelle is the co-founding editor of Cupcakes Take The Cake, the most popular blog about cupcakes. Nichelle is also the founder of  Keeping Nickels, a personal finance and business accounting blog for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Before we jump into our conversation on all things Nichelle, I’ll get into the Diverse Moves of the week. We’ll talk iphone being offered at another cell carrier, FIFA World Cup finals, George Nelson’s online series and Saving a young boys life with technology.

Then, we’ll into dive into Da Scoop with Tamika and talk about Lindsey Lohan and her impending jail sentence, Serena Williams and her body, The Greenlight Project Summer reads. And lastly, one top bachelor in entertainment is getting hitched! We’ve got some good stuff to talk about tune in y’all!

The Greenlight Project

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2 responses to “The Greenlight Project Talks Pepsi and Cupcakes With Nichelle Stephens. Wait…What?

  1. Congrats Nichelle! Keep shining!

    • Ananda- She was certainly a pleasure to have on. She taught all of us a few things on what to do to build our social media empire. FYI. We’re watching you too. I’ll follow up with you to make sure you are a future guest on The Greenlight Project!

      Have a good weekend.

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