Black Star Power: 2010 BET Awards

By: K. Denise Richardson

The Black Entertainment Awards:

Yes, I watched them. I am Black and wanted to be entertained. I was sure that comedy was going to ensue in some form or fashion. Yes, I have my highlights and lowlights. I will list them below in no particular order.  You may disagree and that matters not.  This is all my opinion, my thoughts and feelings in regard to the 2010 BET Awards. So take it for what it is and enjoy!

1.)  Pre-Show. The 106th and Park Pre Show was a mess and a half. 106th and Park has not been the same since the legendary Free and AJ were the hosts, and I can safely predict that it never will be. Rocsi and Terrance always seem like they are trying way too hard and no one likes forced interactions. It makes us all uncomfortable. I never watch the show unless I KNOW someone is premiering a new must-see video. Even then, it’s still a bit painful just like that awkward kiss they gave us. You could’ve heard a pin drop.

2.)  Music Matters. Ok, Dondria. You are a new artist, correct? Correct. You looked like a 12 year old playing dress up. You are too grown (24) to be looking like this. And why did you let JD set you up with this remix? They had my main man J.Cole up there and my girl Elle Varner. Love them to pieces but they cut to commercial mid song. How bootleg was that?? You let some random, Mishon get a whole segment outside and that horrificness of a Glee Club too, yet you chop off Elle and J. Cole? Really?? Guess that shows what music really matters.

3.)  The Crenshaw Glee Club. Really? That’s all I can say.

4.)  Debra Lee. Yes, she is the Big Honcho but WHAT is the devil was that she was wearing? My mom, who is very far removed from BET, texted me to ask who was this woman and WHAT is she wearing?? She looked like a Flamingo.

5.)  Trey Songz. While he may have won Best Dressed Male in many of the viewers eyes, we did not want to hear “Yo Side of the Bed”. The video was great, no doubt about it. Emotional, relevant to the song, and gripping. But that was NOT a performance piece. He proceeded to dive a little further and B/U/T/C/H/E/R Prince’s Purple Rain. This was the worst rendition I think I may have ever heard. I was so highly disappointed in Tremaine Neverson and Prince’s look was the official seal of disapproval.

6.)  Awards. How many awards were there? Probably 5. Maybe 3. I don’t even remember the categories, who won what or who was nominated for which one. That shows what I was really caring about. I do find it odd that Beyonce, as much as I love her, keeps getting nominated for an album that came out in 2008/2009. She’s still making videos for the same album. I guess it seems new so we let it ride. shrugs

Now, I can’t lie. This may have been the best BET Award Show I’ve ever seen. Honestly, that’s not saying much but still I will give them their props.

1.)  KanYe Omari West. This may have been the best opening ever in life. There was no place else in this show that ‘Power’ could have been performed and made sense. We didn’t see Kanye’s face. He didn’t move from the mountaintop. AND that PowerPoint presentation behind him was rather bootleg but he still MURDERED it.

2.)  Surprise. This was definitely the year of career resurrection. El Debarge? He made me smile and drop my remote. After the first 2 songs of his FIRST performance I was satisfied. Then he sort of went for overkill with another song AND another performance later on in the show. Were they strapped for acts?

3.)  Sean Puffy Combs. Say what you want about Puff Daddy Poppa Diddy, that ninja can rock the mic. He has you buying Ciroc by the caseloads, Diddy bopping, and wishing you worked at Bad Boy. Dawn left Danity Kane and became a background singer/dance with Kaleena the Dream and I LOVE IT! Diddy had me hype on my couch yelling “Hello. Good Morning”

5.) The Queen. Queen Latifah showed us once again why she reigns. Each break she dressed up as a character she has played over the years in her films, including Set it Off and Hairspray. It was a bit puzzling at first but I caught on. At the end of her intro segment she hit a rhyme and showed us that she may have diversified her portfolio but she’ll never forget that she started in this rap game. She glammed us in her all white ensemble showing us why she is the face of CoverGirl. She’s absolutely gorgeous.

6.)  The Lifetime Achievement Award. “Who can wear eyeliner, pumps, fitted pants, and a ruffled shirt, and still make your mama swoon” Mr. Purple Rain himself, Prince Rogers Nelson. Great recipient of this award, and I am very happy for him. His tribute was FANTASTICAL! Yes, fantastical. From Janelle Monae cutting a rug, Esperanza wishing she was your gf, Alicia and all of her pregnancy sexy on top of the Piano (which was an entirely different matter altogether) to Mama Patti shutting it DOWN with Purple Rain and kicking off the Louboutins. They showed everyone what the game has been missing and they did it damn well. Congratulations Prince. Only you can have an anime of YOURSELF on your shirt and it be A-OK. I’m getting one in the September, just in time for fall.

7.)  The King of Pop. After Jermaine Jackson introduced this next act, I swear I thought Michael Jackson was alive and breathing behind the curtain. For a second, I thought this was a cruel joke and was ready to launch my remote clear into the television. Michael Jackson can rest in peace now, because he got the dedication he deserved. Who better to pay tribute to the King than Chris Brown. During the Billie Jean segment, it felt so real I started crying. Call it what you want but I felt like it was 1993 and I was standing at an MJ holding a lighter with my sequined glove. He embodied Michael, and when he cried, I cried like a small child. Man in the Mirror?! His publicist should get a bonus for that. Great song for a great guy. Great performance for a great legend. He won for best act of the night. He also won the Fandemonium award and apologized for letting his fans down. I LOVE YOU C BREEZY! *chucking up the deuces*

If you missed anything, you can watch the whole show here.

Did you watch the show live? What was your favorite moment?

One response to “Black Star Power: 2010 BET Awards

  1. Keri – love your recap! My favorite moment was definitely Chris Breezy – OHEMGEE! And Prince could have did the whole damn tribute to himself and did it better than any one of those singers, but they still did good! Hats off to Patti (of course), Alicia Keys and my girl Janelle Monae. It was a surprisingly good show!

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