The “Conversations” We Coulda Had

By: Tamika L. Morrison

Father’s Day is approaching and for most of my life, I’ve felt numb about it.  I’ve never fully embraced the importance of the holiday because my dad and I have a ‘complicated’ relationship.

I do celebrate and at times, have envied my friends and associates that can talk about the ‘magical’ father/daughter experience I’ve only had in my dreams.  No, my father wasn’t a total deadbeat, but he never showed up when it was most crucial in my life.  Yes, he was there for my soccer games and took me school shopping, but when I needed him to give me “the talk”, warn my first-date about getting me home on time and all the other times I was in anguish over boys or life in general – he was never there or kept the conversations light and my frustration and disappointment in him, kept me closed off and distant.  Needless to say, I still long for those missed opportunities as a true “Daddy’s Girl”.

As we prepare to welcome, author, A.M. Morgan on The Greenlight Project to discuss her latest book, Father And Daughter Time: Conversations From The Heart”, I found myself reminiscing, regretting, pondering the road to forgiveness (I’m not completely there yet), relieved and hopeful for redemption.

Reading the ‘conversations’ between A.M. Morgan and her father really shed light on me and helped me see my dad, not as a failed man, but as a flawed man who’s as human as I am.  What was really insightful and healing for me was reading about an incident that occurred in their family that could have destroyed them forever and left deep scars.  However, because of the woman Alicia was raised to be and the great examples she had in her parents, she sought out the road to forgiveness and understanding and her dad happily came along for the journey, a true example of a dad having ‘his girl’s back!”

I am grateful to have both A.M. Morgan and her father on the show – the arrival of the book is very timely for me as I walk down the road to forgiving my own dad, accepting our past and creating a better future.  I realize life is short and it’s not productive to spend too much time in the “woulda, coulda, shoulda” mode.  You just have to show up and do!

So as I look at my dad, not so much as what he wasn’t, I intend to see him for the person he is and with the help of God, embrace him for being human, and flawed, just like me.  Although we didn’t have some of those necessary conversations in the first half of my life, we have plenty of time to catch up!  A great read for sure, so grab your copy and get ready to celebrate Dad’s day!

CIAO Baby!

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One response to “The “Conversations” We Coulda Had

  1. Thanks for the post. I am happy to hear you enjoyed the book and found the conversations insightful. Effective communication is something I struggle with daily both professionally and personally. This book helped my dad and I talk through some good and bad experiences but it was definitely worth sharing.

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