A Daddy’s Girl Reflection a Bit Before Father’s Day

It’s 6:02 am. I’ve been up for a bit as I am most mornings by this time. And, as I thought about what to write on the blog today, I searched the computer for images that might inspire me. Well I ran across this picture of my father and my daughter about 2 months before he passed away in 2003. And, it was the perfect inspiration for me today.

This picture is from a photo shoot that I arranged for my family (my parents, my grandmother who was in town visiting, my sisters, our spouses and the grands). I knew when making these arrangements that we were losing my father to his battle with colon cancer and we didn’t have much time. So, I thought this would be the perfect way to capture memories of us as a family surrounding him with love and laughter, the only way we know how to do it.

Well seven years later these images continue to be the gift that keeps on giving for me. I see the above picture of my now tween making a silly face with Daddy looking down and I know that the picture not only captures him and her. But, it also represents me and him, since I was about the same age when he and my mother became a couple. My father was “THE MAN” that brought strength, safety and love to my mother after her escape from an abusive relationship. And, by bringing these gifts to my mother, he brought them to me and the rest of our family. He continued to gift us with these characteristics as my parents added to our family with the birth of my little sister and as my mother continued her role as mother hen to her younger siblings that she raised.

The beginning to our blended family began over 30 years ago. And, the additions have continued since his passing – there are two more grandchildren and a great grandchild in the fruitful multiplication of our family.  My younger sister has a daughter and has gotten married. And, his girls all onto the great things his covering has allowed us to pursue.

I know I am a couple of weeks early to be celebrating Father’s Day. But, when I see these images, I celebrate my father’s life and his memory as often as I can. His work as a husband, father, son, uncle, role model, hardworking man, brother, godfather, and cuss like a sailor protector continues to bless our family. And, as he said during his and my mother’s 25th anniversary vow renewal in 2003, the year he passed,  “he’s continues to take care of his girls.”

And for that, I say thank you Daddy!

5 responses to “A Daddy’s Girl Reflection a Bit Before Father’s Day

  1. katrina torregano lowry

    Rochelle, I love this blog it is truly inspiring while my father is still alive and well, I will definetly call him and tell him thank you, I love you and I appreciate all that you do for me.
    Society focuses on mothers being nurturers and caregivers but, my daddy is all that plus a great provider. I can go on and on of the great things that my dad does. I dont single out either of my parents. Not many can say that both of their parents were AWESOME and that they are blessed in that area. I call on them both in time of need. So with that being said Fathers day is just as important as Mothers day. EQUAL LOVE IN MY HOUSE!!! I LOVE YOU DADDY YOUR BABYGIRL, TRINA

  2. Rochelle, this is simply beautiful!


  3. I remember him well. I remember, more than anything, the way he looked at your mother, 25 years into a very successful marriage, as she was his blushing bride. I remember you and your sisters getting him up to dance…and he danced. HE DANCED! I think about you all the time. You are a remarkable woman, and I’m sure the apple does not fall far from the tree! Love to your sisters, your children, and most of all to your mom. xoxo

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