The Greenlight Project is Walking “In Her Shoes”

By: K. Denise Richardson

Join us tomorrow May 14th at 11am EST on The Greenlight Project as we have special guest Renae Bluitt. Renaeis a dedicated PR & lifestyle marketing specialist who understands the power of brand devotion. Throughout her career, Renae’s professionalism and expertise have attracted an impressive array of employers including Burrell Communications, Lifetime Television and most recently, Edelman Multicultural Marketing. Renae began her very intimate relationship with PR and marketing with The Chicago Advertising Federation (CAF). A non-profit organization, the CAF provided Renae her first real look at the added value of a successful PR campaign. Through her work with professional mentorship programs like Partnership for Success, community-based youth programs such as Off the Street Club, and a host of other programs and events sponsored by the CAF, Renae developed an affinity for public service while recognizing the overwhelming benefit to the CAF and its associated members.

In 1997 Renae joined the public relations arm of Burrell Communications. During her time with Burrell, as both a Sr. Account Executive and as a consultant, Renae has helped to mold the public face of companies such as Sprite, Kellogg’s, Nationwide Insurance and American Airlines, giving their brands a presence in multicultural communities that extends far beyond the initial purchase. Consistently leveraging the inseparable worlds of marketing and pop culture, Renae’s innovative approach, kept her in high demand not just within the multicultural segment, but in the broader market as well.

In addition to the development and implementation of several successful publicity outreach programs for Lifetime Television, she expertly managed media relations and marketing campaigns for the offbeat, immediate results-driven environment at Crunch Fitness. Her contribution to the brand’s tongue-in-cheek programming helped to establish Crunch as a major player in the fitness industry.

After several years of searching, Renae finally found her soul mate. Combining a successful PR and marketing career with her love of pop culture and an increasing desire to meet the needs of the often overlooked multicultural community, she launched Crush Media in December of 2006. With ten years in the industry, Renae has successfully married household names such as Verizon, McDonald’s, Exxon Mobil, Kraft Foods, Citibank, and Coca-Cola with socially-significant campaigns such as AIDS awareness, art subsidy, and many other noteworthy causes. Now, with Crush Media, she is more committed than ever to erasing the impersonal divide that often exists between a brand and its consumers.

Currently, Renae Bluitt is the founder of Crush Media and creator of In Her Shoes, the one stop blog for women committed to being the captain of their own ship. A style aficionado with an acute case of culture claustrophobia, Renae often looks outside the lines for inspiration. Born into a family of hard-working entrepreneurs, she has long subscribed to a do-it-yourself philosophy. Pairing her love of brands with her gene for business, Renae has helped shape the face of several well-known products ranging from Sprite to Axe Body Spray. And when she’s not busy shaping, she’s sharing – introducing In Her Shoes readers to other fly female entrepreneurs like herself. Renae currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her two-year-old toy poodle, Zoe.

Click here for a detailed interview with Renae

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