When Your Mind Starts Playing Tricks On You

By: Tamika L. Morrison

You know the song by The Geto Boys, “My Mind is Playing Tricks On Me”?? It’s so early 90’s, I know and some of you were not even a thought yet or just barely.  Well, that song has truth written all over it.  The mind is a very powerful instrument – good or bad – and if you’re not careful, it can play some evil tricks on you. Personally, I have to make it a point to strengthen my mind when stuff that matter starts getting to me.

I’ve had several instances in my life where I was challenged by what I saw, what I felt or what I talked myself into believing.  I’ve come to realize that just because something makes me feel a certain way doesn’t mean it’s really happening.  That’s another powerful tool of the mind – it can make your feelings about something convince you its real, whether it really is or not – you still with me?

The power of your mind’s power is perhaps one of the most influential tools you have when it comes to combating life. It has the ability to get you anything that you want in your life. If you can conceive it in your head, you can achieve it!  It also has the ability to make your greatest nightmares manifest – it’s up to you.

Take a moment to think about when you’ve believe for a certain outcome – whether you really wanted it or not.  Whether it be a passing or failing grade, approval for a loan on a house or car or the belief you’d get that new job or promotion.  What kind of outcome did you summon for yourself?  Yes, all things happen as it should, but consider you can have influence over the outcome by the power of your own thinking.

For instance, I used the power of my faith (which is a mind thing) to believe that I could attract certain material things into my life – not simply because I’m materialistic – at the time, it were things that would truly signify that I was moving forward in my career and breaking some economical barriers in my family’s history.  This was way before I ever heard of The Law of Attraction and came to me in my early days of Christianity when I was challenged the most to believe in an invisible God, His awesome love and great power.  During this time of building my faith, I was an administrative assistant in corporate America, making a decent salary at the time – about $22K per year.  As a single 23 year-old, that was enough to pay my rent and utilities, pay my student loans, enjoy nights out on the town with the girls but maybe not enough to get the car of my dreams.  I looked at my situation and thought it was impossible for me to fit a new car into my budget and riding the bus was getting old.  Long of the short is, I wrote the vision down and made it plain.  I started doing things a little differently (helping myself) by visualizing the life I desired.  I started saving and not going out as much and within a year or so of my intention, not only did I get the car I really wanted (Honda Accord), but I was also contracting on my first home at the tender age of 25 and making nearly $10k more – only within two years!  In that time, with a vision, a hope and a prayer through faith, I was able to conceive and receive the impossible.

There have also been times when I’ve let negative thoughts get the best of me – unfortunately this still happens and using the positive power of my mind is a work in progress.  I will say though, because I’ve dared to believe despite my pedigree, I’ve experienced some phenomenal things such as becoming a published writer, owning a home in my 20’s, moving away from home to start a business in a new city, watching my business grow into a full-functioning agency and media company to even preparing to run my first half-marathon – I did 8 miles easy this week! ;o)

When  you nurture your mind with good thoughts and solid principles that help you to stay the course during the challenging times, you can accomplish and heal from the most difficult things life sends your way.  And don’t forget to surround yourself with positive, motivating people and sources, which I must do in order to stay ahead.  So proper shouts out to my business partner, Rochelle, my Bible, my Faith, my Pastor, Dr. Charles Stanley, my Mom, my Best Girlfriends, my sister, my niece, the self-affirming books and all the clients and friends that support me daily by believing in me!

These are the tools I use when things start to matter and get in my mind.  Using the power of my mind in a positive way, I’m able to stay focused on the things I can change and leave the rest up to God – knowing fully well, He’s more than capable and ultimately in control.

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3 responses to “When Your Mind Starts Playing Tricks On You

  1. Yes ma’am, Tamika! We are challenged to stay focused on the blessings he is giving us, even when we see more challenges that solutions. Thanks for the shout out.

  2. Ain’t it amazing, how the power of the brain can work. Mind power techniques have been made available since the start of time. Thanks for sharing

  3. That was great! Reminded me of writing my goals down again.

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