He Walks Like This Cuz He Can Back It Up

By: K. Denise Richardson

There’s something about a man with cockiness that makes the world a better place. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? However is there a such thing as too much confidence. We all should believe that we possess that je ne sais quoi that makes us great, but when you think you’re God’s gift to mankind, ehh..that’s where you lose my vote. Sometimes.

Usually I’m humble, but for the purpose of this post, I’ll refrain. 😉  I like to think of myself as a winner. I pledged the best Sorority, I have the best friends …I win at pretty much everything I do.  And if I don’t win, I keep going until I do. One thing that differs me from a lot of people is that I know where my strength comes from, and I owe it all to the Almighty. With that being said, I know that God has equipped me to be GREAT and I refuse to be anything less. So when I say that I’m the best, I wholeheartedly mean it and I challenge you to prove me wrong. Over the years, I have received so many FB Honesty Box messages about how much someone can’t stand me. It’s comical really, because they don’t even know me and it’s anonymous. *KanYe shrug* I don’t let that stuff ruffle my cocky feathers. I usually reply with a “Thank You, Have a Nice Day” and keep it moving. A lot of people can’t stand greatness. (We call them HATERS) And that’s because losers don’t like WINNERS.  Point. Blank. Period.

Just because there is a NUMBER ONE brand doesn’t mean there’s only one product though. There are definitely different types of cockiness. For the past few weeks I’ve watched the HBO Boxing Special highlighting the events leading up to the Match this past Saturday between Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley. Floyd emerged the victor after 12 rounds with a unanimous vote. Being that Floyd is a good family friend, I take everything he says in the media with a humorous attitude, because I know the story behind his glory and the work he puts in. But I can’t lie; Floyd is the embodiment of cockiness and with good reason. The man is undefeated, (41 wins -25 by knockout) and has been rated the Number 1 boxer pound for pound in the world. He’s won 9 championships in 5 different boxing classes. Great is an understatement. He definitely has the right to feel like he’s the best in the world. But can his hubris be overbearing? As much as I love Floyd, I don’t feel he needs the bashing element in his verbal affirmation of greatness. His jabs speak for themselves. I call Floyd the Blatant Cocksman. This type of cocky is hard to accept and less liked but it’s not any less validated, it just takes a certain type of person to love a Blatant Cocksman – and it’s usually another Blatant Cocksman.

This leads me to my next favorite: Kobe Bryant & The Los Angeles Lakers. I am a Lakers Fan, hands down, and have been since the age of 13. Surprisingly, A LOT of people don’t like the Lakers. WHY?? Because they’re WINNERS!  Losers take cockiness as ignorance and shallowness when it’s really just a confidence in one’s PROVEN abilities. I often hear people say “OMG I HATE KOBE! I HATE THE LAKERS!” ….Do you know the Lakers? Do you know Kobe? I didn’t think so. The media definitely does not like Kobe and can show him in a pretty cloudy light at times. I’ve watched Kobe grow as a player and human being throughout this past decade or so. One thing that has remained constant is his personality. He’s not a shape shifter and he doesn’t aim to appease anyone but himself and his family. How can you hate that? The man is talented, he works hard, and he knows it. Why do we not like a person for being passionate and recognizing his worth in the world? Do you love Magic or MJ? Guess what: They were cocky too! Let Lebron get a ring…PLEASE! Much like Jay Z, Kobe, is the Subtle Cocksman. Kobe lets his smile, his smirk, his jumper, and his on the court-dust my shoulder off-after I break your ankles type of vibe, do the talking for him.

I say all this to say, is cockiness really that bad? Yes and No. If you are a Money Mayweather or a Black Mamba in your respective field, you have every right to hold your head up high. As long as you are remembering where you came from and who got you to where you are, go ahead and celebrate your greatness. On the other hand, if you haven’t accomplished the things that these people have or you have justification built on monuments of nothingness, PLEASE refrain from being any kind of cocky. You will only repel people and you will have no friends. If your cockiness includes constantly demeaning others, then you’re sad. You should never have to validate yourself by knocking someone else down (unless you’re a boxer). Simply state, better yet, SHOW how great you are and bask in the praises. Make sure to say Thank-You. You can be cocky without being an a-hole. We should all strive to have something to be cocky about.

PS- You’ll know you’re a winner when the losers start hating you in your honesty box 😉


4 responses to “He Walks Like This Cuz He Can Back It Up

  1. “Subtle Cocksman” lol

  2. My favorite quote, “If your cockiness includes constantly demeaning others, then you’re sad. You should never have to validate yourself but knocking someone else down”

  3. Definitely not always a bad thing and if anything I need a guy who’s a little bit cocky. Like you said, as long as they can attribute all their talents to Him, then i’m not complaining. I mean I don’t know any girls on their stuff, who aren’t attracted to a man that’s just a little bit cocky. I appreciate the “subtle cocksman” though 😉

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