The Greenlight Project Presents: Blogger’s Roundtable

By: K. Denise Richardson

Please join TWS tomorrow on The Greenlight Project as we discuss various topics in media with three very influential bloggers of today, Patrice Yursek of Afrobella, Gina McCauley of Blogging While Brown, and Nadia Jones of Justice Jonesie.

For more information on Patrice Yursek, please see previous interview with Afrobella.


Called “the Dean of Black Bloggers” and “a woman who’s on the cutting edge of the internet and social media,” Gina McCauley is one of the most influential African American digital media content creators in the world. In 2007, she was named to ESSENCE magazine’s list of the 25 Most Influential African Americans. She has written for ESSENCE magazine and, The Guardian, and The Observer.

In 2007 she launched  What About Our Daughters?, a blog dedicated to combating negative portrayals of African-American women in popular culture. The blog’s mission is to be uncompromising,unapologetic,  and unbowed in defense of Black women.    The blog is most well known for its fight to combat negative portrayals of African American women in popular culture and violence against Black women and children, but has evolved into an influential  platform, sitting perched at the intersection of pop culture, Politics, and current affairs. Her blog readers have  successfully lobbied large advertisers such as State Farm, Home Depot, McDonald’s, New Balance, Disney, and Yum Brands to pull their advertising from content that demeans and degrades Black women and girls. However, her greatest achievement is using the platform that she built to battle irresponsible corporate media as a platform to highlight underreported cases of horrific violence against Black women such as the Dunbar Village case, Romona Moore, and Dorothy Dixon.

In 2008, she launched Michelle Obama Watch, a blog dedicated to monitoring the good, the bad, and the ugly media coverage of  Michelle Obama.  Within hours after its soft launch, was linked to by and the Huffington Post. She has since been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and quoted in the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune,NewsweekThe Atlantic, the Boston Globe, the Norwegian Business Daily and others about her work on Michelle Obama Watch.  Her blog posts have been quoted or mentioned on CNN, Entertainment Tonight, and the CBS Morning Show.  She appeared on PBS and NDTV, India’s largest private producer of  news, to speak about Michelle Obama. She has been interviewed regarding my blog on several NPR shows, the Tom Joyner Morning Show, RTE Radio 1 in Ireland, and XM radio.

Her blog posts  for the Guardian about the aftermath of Hurricane Ike were licensed to Cenage Learning and appear in the textbook  Current Controversies: Disaster Response (vol. 1). In November 2009,  Pacifica Radio launched her first syndicated radio segment on the show Woman, Body and Soul.

She is the managing member of the McCauley Communications Group, LLC and in 2008, in response to a lack of diversity at large social media and networking conferences, she founded Blogging While Brown, the first international conference for bloggers of color.  In addition to designing and implementing the curriculum for digital literacy training, she is a frequent presenter at some of the largest social media conferences in the world, including Blogher and Blog World Expo. This year she’ll be speaking at SXSW Interactive and returning to speak at Blogher.


Justice Jonesie is one of three bloggers for the group blog, MamaLaw. Balancing a cup of coffee, her three year old son on one hip, and her eight year old’s activity calendar is much easier than helping her five year old daughter pick out something to wear. There is never a dull moment to share on MamaLaw as this Mama wears many shoes- she is an attorney, professor, wife, and co-founder of Blogalicious 2009. Jonesie enjoys traveling, dining out, and cooking meals from her Mexican and Haitian origins. When she is not working or chasing after her children, you may find Jonesie and her hubby of nine years at the local hot spot enjoying her favorite ‘Tini.For more on Justice Jonesie see her profile.

You can reach Justice Jonesie at: or @JusticeJonesie on Twitter.

We invite you to join us tomorrow at 11AM-12PM EST. You won’t be disappointed.


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