My Thoughts on ‘Baduism’ Continued

By: Tamika L. Morrison

So last week on our radio show, The Greenlight Project, my co-host Rochelle and I took opposing sides on whether or not Erykah Badu’s striptease scene was too much for TV.

Although I do appreciate the creative genius called Erykah Badu and a true fan of her music and holistic earthy approach to life, I thought the video for ‘Window Seat‘ was a bit much from the kids perspective.  I mean, c’mon now, not in front of innocent kids – what did they do??  And don’t kids get enough of inappropriate sexual stimulation,  violence and all kinds of unmentionables? Do you really want to peel it all off in broad daylight, near a park where kids play?  If you didn’t hear the banter on last week’s show, listen to it here.

Well, fast forward a week later and we now know Erykah has been charged with a fine.  Not sure I agree with the punishment, but I’ll rest my case on the matter on a good note: with Wanda Sykes spoof of it all  and Erykah enjoying it with her.

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One response to “My Thoughts on ‘Baduism’ Continued

  1. I love that we can agree to disagree. Another reason this partnership works!

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