What Badu’s ‘Window Seat’ is Teaching Me About My Voice as a Grown Ass Woman

This week has been interesting for me. As a new media mompreneur, I always find myself planning, leading, doing, going, and thinking. This week I tried to make sure that I took time to “be” while fulfilling all the roles I have in my life. So amongst praying that my old car passed the emissions test so I could be ride legal, and running back and forth with my life’s activities, one happening caught my attention – the video for Erykah Badu’s ‘Window Seat’ and I decided to explore ‘my being’ connection it.

The song ‘Window Seat’ first caught my attention when it was played on the Michael Baisden show as I rode in the car about two months ago. At first listen, I could not catch all the words. But, just to hear – “Concentrating on my music, lover, and my babies” and “Back and forth ‘tween here and hustlin,’ as well as the few other lyrics I did catch, I knew she was somehow speakin’ the language of my life, of my soul. Then, Tuesday, 3/30/10 came around, album release day. I logged onto twitter to see a stream of buzz reminding everyone about it as well as talk of the size of her butt. And I thought, what? A few clicks later, after not finding her album on AOL’s full Listening Party – an opportunity to listen to the whole album for free before I buy – I was at her website faced with the video for Window Seat. So, I clicked and wad watched. And as she shed each piece of clothing, I felt every piece of the statement I thought she was making – the peeling back the layers; the calm in the midst of the storm; the I’m revealing an this body after three babies; the all these people are watching me; I can no longer hide. Ultimately, the sentiment that I’m a grown a$$ woman that’s not afraid to show all that I am because I know of my journey, rang loud and clear for me.

And like Erykah, I know I, too, am a work in progress. And I value the gift that I am to this world from my most high, my God.

So thank you Erykah for speaking to me and for me and the many other grown a$$ women out here. And remember, as you have said so eloquently before, go on and on –  If we were made in His image, then call us by our names.
Most intellects do not Believe in God, but they fear us just the same.

2 responses to “What Badu’s ‘Window Seat’ is Teaching Me About My Voice as a Grown Ass Woman

  1. Thank you very much for this post. I heard about this song and immediately googled the lyrics. As a mompreneur and wife it is hard to wear all the hats and keep everything balanced at times. This song made me feel relieved that I was not alone in this struggle to find my place in life. Love the post!! Keep it up

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