Glam Media is Proof Positive of ‘Switch’ing Theories

Today was a good day for this media entrepreneur. My task list was as long as it is most days. But, the bright spot came in the form of a scheduled attendance at the Dan and Chip Heath ‘Switch‘ Book Tour being put on by one of my favorite magazines – Fast Company. However the ‘good day’ part of it is important to note because I wasn’t sure it would be when I was awakened by my daughter at 1:45am. 

She was hot and had a headache. I gave her some medicine and sent her back to bed. But I couldn’t go back to sleep. So, I worked through the night to check off some things on said task list. Well 6 hours later, at the beginning of the workday for most, a delayed start to our day allowed my daughter to feel much better, but not 100%.  So, I made the mompreneur executive decision to bring her to the event with me. Now you see why I wasn’t so sure about the good day part – lack of sleep, semi-sick child and much to do could have been a recipe for disaster.  

But, I digress, as I often do. So now, I’ll get back on subject.

Attendance at the event came with a free issue of the current month’s issue of Fast Company, a free year’s subscription and a copy of the Switch, with the option of getting it signed by the author. 

See details at

Although I have not yet read the book, I’ll share with you three presentation takeaways that provide theories I look forward to exploring. And, it seems  Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies List  provides the perfect case studies of practical application.

Switch Theory: See—–>Feel —–> Change

Fast Company Case Study: #37, Glam Media – This media company lead the way in capturing the attention of the droves of women finding a need for a place to go online. And, what better way to do that than by connecting through the blogs and micro communities already forming . Smart move!

Switch Theory: Find practical solutions and obsess about your successes instead of your failures.

Fast Company Case Study: #31, HTC – Cher Wang and her team wanted to simplify communications while eliminating the need to carry “huge computers.”  Focusing on the practical needs of someone’s life – “talk to friends and relatives, read books and access the Internet on one device.” Well they have accomplished just that with the Google-phone her company has created. But, she and her team are not done yet. She say’s it’s just the beginning.

Switch Theory: Clear direction is needed for both thinkers and feelers to create effective change

Fast Company Case Study:  GE – You would think change would be glacial when it comes to a corporate giant like GE. Well, Healthmagiantion Chief , Mike Barber ( a black man, y’all) is proving he’s the right man to  get change moving within GE’s healthcare, and greening things up at the same time. In his words, “we believe that what is good for the public at large and what is good for the world is also good business.

See the magazine and the book for more. Looks like it was a good day for me and diversity.

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