Is E!’s ‘Spindustry’ a Good Look for PR?

E! just launched a Kim Kardashian produced PR reality show called, “SPINdustry”, following the lives of two PR dudes that work in celebrity PR.  This comes on the heels of VH-1’s “Kell on Earth”, another PR reality show that follows the life of Kell, owner of a PR firm that specializes in fashion PR.  Although they are getting good reviews, I wonder if this still paints a pretty unrealistic picture of the day-to-day life of what really goes down in a PR agency or the life of a publicist. I look at these shows, sigh and smh (shake my head) because I realize these types of reality shows actually make my job harder.

I appreciate all the intrigue we have about our careers as publicists or PR professionals, but there’s obviously more to what I do than meets the eye, literally.  It’s really not all blinged out with celebs clamoring for me to rep them.  Most of us don’t have the luxury of always working with celebrities or on fabulous events – nor are we rarely able to make magical phone calls to the media and Voila! the paparazzi appears.  It’s all smoke and mirrors, which unfortunately, has become PR’s M.O.

I appreciate the fact that my career gives me the ability to think quickly, develop the right messaging and do the proper research before engaging in a PR campaign or embarking on a publicity stunt for that matter.  I don’t appreciate that important piece of my job is often glossed over when told from an entertainment standpoint.

I think about the PR pros I know work very hard to get their clients quoted, mentioned, sourced, sought-after and branded and it’s more to it than what’s on these TV shows, so while I’m at it, let me give proper shots out to my fellow PR tweeps that really make PR pros look good:

@prsaraevans, @journchat, @chatterboxpr @evi-global @kurmanstaff, @helpareporter, @Profnet @AerialEllis, @Helpaprproout just to name a few.

These shows are misleading and give the perception that nearly anyone can wake up and call themselves a publicist – as long as they have a few celebrities in their Black Berry, some media contacts in their rolodex and few tricks up their sleeves – it’s all in a day’s hard work, right?  Well maybe my judgment hat is on, but this is absurd, does anyone else agree with me? Check it out:

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