Media Intake in the Information Age

One of the foundational premises of our company, TWS Marketing Communications, is to bring diverse voices to the table of marketing and media. We stand on this because we are women of diverse cultures and we have seen the difference our perspectives make when we sit at the table with those who are very different from ourselves.

That is why I seek similar voices in media I intake everyday. And here’s how it all comes together for me in a day in my life.

– For my morning inspiration I start with the Steve Harvey Morning Show’s inspirational message at 6am and V-103’s Frank Ski and the Inspirational Vitamin. And, if I am lucky, I can slip in Yolanda Adam’s Points of Power

– Between working, I check my favorite  sites –,,,, and rely on my favorite tweeters to keep me up on news in the day blogdiva, @baratunde, @faraichideya, @hyphenmagazine, @BlackCanseco, @disgrasian

– I then move onto the media that wakes up my thinking with NPR’s The Take Away or All Things Considered as I drive the kids to school.

– When picking the kids up from school, I tune into Michel Martin’s Tell Me More as well as catch the first few minutes of Michael Baisden in the afternoon.

– Finally, I catch UpFront with Tony Cox to and from soccer practice.

You can see that I get a lot of news and information from many different sources throughout my day. I also think you can learn a lot about a person by their daily routine and what they allow into their lives. And, what I think this says about me is that I am interested in much from many different points of view. And, all of those points of views combined with other knowledge and experiences makes me a little bit hip-hop, a little bit pop and a woman with a whole lot of opinions!

What informs your perspective?

4 responses to “Media Intake in the Information Age

  1. Great article! You’re right, you do take in communication from lots of different and diverse sources – I don’t see how you have the time! This article definitely makes me wonder about where I get my info and what it says about me….hmmmm

  2. I take advantage of carpool time to get my info as well. What do you think of NPR’s Tell Me More?

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